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tv   [untitled]    December 26, 2012 7:30pm-8:00pm PST

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right the second story and to the right is the area that will become the lobby and this is a shot of the lobby entrance and and is a stairway parallel to that and is an escalator and behind that is a elevator and it will take you into the second floor and passengers will process through kicking and castles. in his another example of the views from the ore other side of the building and refuse side bay bridge and baggage hall and there will be glass or roll-up doors similar to what you see in a lot of fire stations and this is a view from
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the second floor toward the 'em bark dare row [spelling?] and this is making it a great effect space. again, here's another view looking east towards the bay principal and finally another view north towards telegraph hill. this is one of the last thing things that we will create on the site is the top p of san francisco site and it will be prominent on our facility. so, this will be the view from telegraph hill of the building complete in phase one and residence for turn-over to the america's cup phase one construction of the building is 80% complete right now and is on schedule for hand over to the america's cup authority on
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march 2013. phase two, construction drawings are about 95% complete and will be completed shortly. and the port will start phase two construction of the project and it's scheduled for about nine months with substantial completion august 1st 2014 and final completion two months later and this work will clue finishing the remaining ports and including united states customers and u.s. you're border protection facilities and the two forty seven acre northwest plaza sorry -- this is the plaza i i guess most of you know this
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but this was the rolls of quite a lot of work with -- site and the other work included the north point on the left of the picture the ground transportation area between terminal 21 and 29 and the april between the ship and terminal and the installation of the system, fenders and bull lards and professions of miscellaneous furniture and equipment. we will talk more about the budget but need to bring the budget into a range that we can afford
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we will defer the public restrooms and also the terminal pro visioning building which, is out in the north east part of the facility. if and when the money becomes available. these will be added to the probability. this is a photoof the ada accessible gain way transition for the passenger loadings and these are unique and made by only two companies in the world and they -- kind of like a gang way of an airport, they service and maintain no more than one and 12 slopes ships which vary all overt place and the height of the hatches and longitudinal locations of the hatches and as well as
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rising tides, radiology ships ... so they are farrell sophisticated machines to compensate for all of these motions and distances. this is a shot from tell graph hill from the facility when it's finished and you see the northwest plaza and the foreground and the area on the right has to be closed during crews dads for security purpose please but all of the other days they can be open providing access to the other end of the facility. this is another view, you can see the in the foreground of the building is a lobby with the grass enclosuresure and that work is still to be complete and this is another view of the cruise terminal and finally, when we are finished this is what it will look like with our first
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ship in.. >> looks so big until you see the cruise ship yeah, i think we loss one of the disks that our colleague had brought which shows the initial price request for the second phase of the work as well as the funding while you are doing that roughly for the event space i can't remember what is the square footage of the space that will be available for the event. >> it's 50,000 square feet it's a quite significant part of the building and that includes the upstairs and the downstairs and the baggage claim facility can be used for public events. >> so we want to get you into
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a tour a little bit later in january right now the contractor is very busy and there isn't really welcome canning us to be going as we are on a tight schedule but it's a very stern site and the original original prompt didn't contemporary plate pier 27 shut down and pier 59 there have been great improvemnts to the project costly and as soon as we can we will accepted you an invite to go through and it will be turned into the event authority march 1st and then turned over to the public by the end of may. >> and sorry, i would like to say one other thing about the request going forward which amy detailed and we have an excellent team that she worked with and some of them have been with us for several years and the k a m b design team and the
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department department of public works is halting our design team and construction and the port received an apart for the port designation for the clap active team approach and we are asking as we move forward to keep this team in tact to finish our job here. >> port commissioners and port staff, i just want have to walk through the budget throughout the benefits and if he is looking to see if he can find the presentation and he describes the approval and the recommendation and port action from increases and contracts and overall budget amount so, as your report outlines when you last saw the cruise budget it was a $84.84 million and it's now a one pen npt this
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action and so it had a $5 million change and phase two has an $11.5 million change for 16.5 total and, i don't have a slide to make it easier to walk through what i'm talking about and the phase one changes and the increase of 5 million is result of three items change orders and condense of the project schedule for the america's cup and two phase one from phase two for the elevator and is escalator and is the $11 million increase is the result of three factor and is the first is that the budget you last saw was at an earlier design stage and so as we went in drawings to constructs ready drawings the pricing got more fine grained and actually increase and had we are also seeing the increase in the terminal fee for exceeding the 250 million-dollar contract limit and much much more design
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detail and solutions on the north east tip and northeast plaza. the budget --. >> sorry can i end up just for a moment you might want to switch the camera off. the search. okay. . >> so face so phase one is fully funded and $800 million from the c o c and so 36-point the phase one budget is fully ponded for phase two we have 39.42 secured -- not secured but identified that includes the geobond the 2012 joe bond the northwest
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east blaysa has been a long public act park included in the water front use plan and then we went out with the bon want voters were aware that these would be a source that the bond would support that park and we are proposing issues of 2.2 million for phase two and 8 million from the operating funds and 7.3 will be repaid by a passenger facility charge and this is a per head charge that we would assess on passengers. san diego and seattle have both put in p s c's to retain very many and so it's anywhere between two and $6 per head and it depends on the life that we want the repayment between nine and 30 whereas ask so the lower the charge, the locker the fee and the lower
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the charge the higher the fee and so we also have phase $26.6 million and we are increasing any and are able to use mark port for these because we have increased our spending for one and say it's for half a million dollars and so in total we have 31.4 million for phase two. and throughout this process, we have tried to keep the cost down but it is a big project with many components including the park and ground transportation and the improvement and is so it costs what it costs but we have set any kind of engineering to -- underline the operations and we have also looked to bring in other sources besides powter sources as you will see in the details of staff report we are at about 60 pmpt 4 million of
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port source and is proposing our share to 70% of the project and so we have be successful in sharing the cost with other source and is so with the identified resources. we still have a budget short of about $4.2 million and we are looking at several ways to reduce that shortfall and we are continuing to explore the passenger facility charge because it's such a good time for borrowing and interest rates are so low and it gets us a little bit more and so we are looking at that and we are also looking at environmentle grants and into our own capital budget for ongoing pieces of the budget and et cetera and we will continue to look for valuing enjoying opportunities. >> so you will see in much more detail, the financing for
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this project when we come to you that the request issue get and i just wanted to the project approvals before you today allow for the contracts to increase accordingly but we will be before you again for much more review prior to the financing the phase go and i'm here to answer any questions. >> imthank you can i have a motion second. >> is there any public comment? seeing none, any questions? comments? >> yep, just brief, i would like to say that when gavin put the committee together the advisory committee to talk about the cruise terminal i happen to be selected to be on that committee and i was not sure if this day was ever going to come but i run up and down this water
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front everyday and it didn't look like it was going to happen but it's going to happen and i want to thank everyone who worked really hard and i was down at pier 35 and saw the congestion and everything and saw the facility and the cruise companies that come here to a san francisco -- how can we not have a world class -- this is a world class city how can we not have a world class cruise term mal and i look forward to going with the maritime guys down to florida to meet the cruise companies and we want to double the amount of passengerrers coming down here and there is something like 200,000 people here that came to the port of fran and i can clearly see and use the -- to reach a half a million and i'm very supportive of this and like i said, i never thought this day would come but it's going to happen and i'm
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very supportive. >> okay search excited about the new cruise terminal but i don't know if questioner excited about the cost. definitely excited about the new cruise terminal. and just trying to understand the numbers and looking at the proms limits for phase two and the change between what was approved and what is being requested today is free much million? is 43 million and i know you discuss the may be 11 million? i don't know if we discussed the whole 43 million and where the costs are and why it's so much. okay. >> i'll take up the 43.254 million is the estimate for the phase two budget. i think why the costs are so
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high, i would ask kim to give more details, i think that it's a combination of the large site, the cost of reconstruction, and the maritime improves required for the operation and then having many other parts including security a very robust security program, major public access improvemnt and is a two and-a-half acre park and it's all of those thing that get you a hundred and senior and 11 million-dollar project and so that is my answer for why it's so expensive. >> okay so am i reading this bronchbecause the request is for one 25 million. >> yes can you describe why it's more than the actual budget? yeah, when we came back i think last time we were up here
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in front of the port commission, one of the other projects came into be on our contract. that was the american's cup infrastructure improves on some of the other pier and is that is $14.7 million. so when we come back to talk about the increase for turner, we have to consider that it's on top of that 14 million although it's not for this project. so, there are contract gets increased because this amount is in there. >> okay so the change for the cruise terminal about the proposed 82 million but when we approved the 82 million didn't we take this into consideration? no phase two was really just an estimate at the time
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and so no work and other than the phase two --. >> so it was an estimate yeah and so other than the phase two it gets very complex and you have up with the project a very long time and the work and phase in phase one. design work included the phase two drawings because they were developed at the same time. so, in the phase two, we are not including the design fee for new drawings. . >> okay so the additional 40 is going towards.. ? issue wish i have had of the able -- page nine.
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four table a she is talking about the 39 tpt p.7 increase in turner's acts and the 49 million increase in d p contract and so 43 million total for the three contracts that has changed in the authorization. . okay so we are talk about the cruise terminal 37.000000 and so if you go back to table two on page four of your report, at the top, we have broken this down as best as we can by system. which gives you the total of $36 million. and then on top of that, there is a contingency of
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10%. of such that is 3.6 million and so that should total up to 39-point p$.7 million did you take the plaza into consideration at all during phase one? no. so the table on phase one is who of approved by contract to date ask so since we have identified funding for phase one that is all that has been approved and so the table in page six and ask what the contracts need to change but but not necessarily what the estimates have changed by does that make sense? so we are always praying successfully that the park can be funded from the joe bonds and so we have never had approved expend tours accept for the money we spend designing it and working through the b.c. b d retirements for the
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permanent which were not cheap, that makes sense. we are trying we did a great job of giving everything that we know in the department but it gets confusing really fast. >> thank you and so for the design team contract and l b e goal of 15%,th that is now at 44.6% which, is absolutely wonderful but what dollar amount is that on is that on the 1.9? is that or the -- it's on the phase one dollar amount. which, is 9.9? >> and that is great. thank you. that is a wonderful wonderful achievementism have and then under of the c m g c contract. okay so c m g c is running a little bit behind our goal and we have got about 12 and-a-half% l b participation and this is based on invoices,
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provided to us which lag at least 30 days behind and the fun end of project had small specialties like structural steal as we move forward we are getting into less specialized work and so our estimate for november when we get the bills and and everything we make an official l b it should be about 18 perts p%. >> you answered my question, thank you. a lot of focus on that question. you are going to be happy happy happy at the end, right kim? and then i think most of my questions have been answered but one correct this if i'm on wrong but it looks like really the changes in both of the phase one budget and also,
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it was phase two, very little is actually due to change orders. is that correct? phase one is one our 10% change order allowance. >> okay that is impressive too. you were very lucky with the phase one timing and to move a couple items forward and phase two as you know the market is on fire. any other questions? this is great that you so much all in favor-aye. resolution 12 in this action, 129797 and 1298 have been approved. >> thank you. >> item 13 new business. any public comment on new business? anybody have a new business for me? yeah? no?
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real quickly i know it's been a long day madame chair on this cruise terminal it has already been out the operator r rfp it's out now and due early february, i think. so what happens is the port staff and maritime they interview the different operator and is then they come back here to the board with recommendation and so we will establish a selection and panel which will include some internal staff and a lot of sternal folks based on the score of of r f q's we will come up with a selection for oral interviews all of which is over seen by the human right commission and then formerlily to your point, we will come back to the commission with a recommendation for the highest ranked firm. >> okay what i would like if you could possibly bring back
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two names, i think that would be good and i would like to have them come so that the commissioners we can talk it hem and sometimes we give them one but i would like two operators that are good that we can talk too i would like to do that. okay hopefully we are going to have that many hopefully more i don't that is good i hope you have ten but when you make the recommendations i would like there to be two. >> okay i'm still holding my breath. will do is there any other new business ...? public comment is there any public comment? seeing none. to reconvene and close session. i move
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-- will be good for blue and gold, their employees and the port. >> thank you. >> thank you. we have a custom comments captains ray ship link. and then lynn day how ford. i'm captain ray ship lang with the pilots you know and i represent the captains and deck hands engineers box office, and i would like to defer to my sister from the ellen bowman engineer because that is my upbringing but i am looking forward to the hard water and the bourbon. if you would look to step up first, and i'll -- are you sharing your time? >> no, i'm -- well she has her own time go ahead and finish. i mean it's up to you. >> well you know, i would like to defer as a gentlemen
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yeah, the only problem with that captain is it gets us in trouble with the rules of oord. >> well i do not want to get you or myself into any trouble. >> that you for your cortiliness so i'll be brief i'm hire to represent the members that work at the blue and gold and i would also like to say that normally we come over to the commission andcal welcome thank you for the welcome but we normally come here to ask you for something or complain about something and it's really nice to come here to complies our gratuity tied for recognizing our wonderful work on the water front and the longevity of the blue and gold here and from my perspective i have been in my particular position with the you know for the last 15 years and i i can tell that you this is the best company that i have on the bay with regard to our union
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partnership with the company blue and gold invests in their people have a history of promoting from within and work with our sister you know to ensure that the promotions come from their you know as well and we love the in-house training and this is a very diverse company and we enjoy the way that it comes together as far as that is concerned. and so with that, i'll say thank you but i would like to introduce laura smith who's here as a captain from blue and gold to represent the rest of the captains from blue and gold and thank you very much. >> thank you. linda? and then [name?]. >> hello commissioners, i'm a residental of san francisco since the 60's i went to school here, and i have been with as a deck